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I'm a pretty good photographer so why do I need a professional?

You usually don't, but for those important milestones and celebrations why not relax and leave the photo memories to a pro?  If you're always the one behind the camera, wouldn't it be fun to actually be IN the photos for a change? Your images are always backed up in case you need something later.

Can I get digital files?

Yes, digital files of every print you order is included in your order.

I'll even create a custom mobile app of your session images for you to share. Once the app is on your mobile device, you can view the photos without using data ~ how cool is that?

Do I only get 1 pose for my order?

Only if you want it that way.

Why have all those great images and then be forced to pick only one pose for everything?

What if I don't like my photos?

I take the time up front to make sure I understand what you're looking for to guarantee your satisfaction. If you don't like them, I'm happy to re-take them. If you still aren't happy then you don't pay anything.

How much do you charge? 

That depends on what you want. If my popular packages aren't what you're looking for, I'm happy to customize a session for you. 

Why do I need a consultation?

Your consultation is our opportunity to discuss what to wear, how & where your photos will be displayed, and find what type of session fits your style and budget.

How does On Location Photography work?

It's easy, fun and personal!  You get unique images that match your personality.

Children, pets and those with special needs are more relaxed being photographed in the comfort of their own home or favorite location. Let's chat about what you want.

Can my pets be in the picture?

Tame domestic pets are always welcome!  (After all, they are part of the family!)

What else can I get besides just photos?

One of a kind Reclaimed barn wood photo boxes, photo license plates, personalized family cookbooks, jewelry & custom mobile apps of session images to name a few. I'm always finding new options for you.

How long have you been taking pictures?

I got my first camera when I was 10 years old and began photographing professionally in 1985 - way back in the days of film!

Can you restore my old pictures?

Absolutely!  You can see examples under the "Galleries" tab.

Please contact me about bringing your favorite personal photos back to life! 

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